Strato USB Cable


Sold Out

The Strato USB Cable connects the StratoTrack to any computer with a USB port. This allows you to change settings such as the SSID, transmit period, etc. 

This product is typically not required to fly StratoTracks. We ship all StratoTracks with the required settings, including callsign, programmed. If you ever need to change any of these settings, simply mail in your StratoTrack with the requested changes. We will then make the changes and return the StratoTrack at no charge. However, some customers have requested a way to update the settings themselves. As a result, we now offer the same Strato USB Cable we use for updating settings to StratoTracks before shipping them out.

Please note that we are required to verify a valid callsign before shipping a StratoTrack, regardless of whether or not you can update your callsign using the Strato USB Cable.

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