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Our Eagle Kits are the most reliable near-space kits available on the market. Every part has been meticulously designed and tested by our engineering team for maximum reliability and performance.


  • Eagle Flight Computer - our robust flight computer records data such as temperature, pressure, altitude, wind speed, GPS coordinates, etc. to a micro SD card for post-mission analysis. Unlike most GPS receivers that cut out at 18,000 m ~ 60,000 ft, the GPS receiver on our flight computer will work up to 80,000 m ~ 260,000 ft!
  • Delta Flight Frame - our American Basswood frame is designed to be as light and strong as carbon fiber at a fraction of the cost. It forms the rugged backbone to which all the flight hardware is attached. Its unique design makes it very stable platform for getting great footage from the edge of space.
  • Camera Mount - securely fastens any camera of your choice to the Delta Flight Frame. If you would like to mount multiple cameras, purchase our Universal Camera Mount Kits.
  • Weather Balloon - these high quality weather balloons ensure you reach record breaking altitudes. You have the option of selecting any size weather balloon we carry when purchasing this kit. Our 350 g Weather Balloon is our most popular. The 600 g Weather Balloon is for those who want to ensure they break 100,000 ft. If this is your first launch, we do not recommend using our 1200 g Weather Balloon.
  • 1.0 m Near Space Parachute - Our parachutes are designed specifically for near-space flights and manufactured right here in the US by a company that specializes in manufacturing parachutes for defense contracts.
  • Weather Balloon Inflator - the safest inflation system available on the market. It has a built in gas pressure regulator and gas filter to make sure that you are safely filling your balloon with nothing but pure helium gas.
  • Spot Trace Satellite Tracker - the most robust and reliable tracking solution for high altitude balloon flights. This exceptional piece of hardware communicates directly with satellites in orbit allowing you to track your payload just about anywhere on (or off) the planet. An annual service subscription is required. Visit www.findmespot.com for details.
  • Eagle Flight Manual - a thirty page full-color manual that teaches you everything you need to know to successfully launch a mission to the edge of space and recover your payload every time. 

Sensor Options

  • Temperature Pressure Sensor Included - The Eagle Pro Weather Balloon Kit comes standard with one of our Temperature Pressure Sensors which reads temperatures as low as -60 C / -76 F and pressures as low as 1000 Pa / 0.140 psi. You also have the option of purchasing a second Temperature Pressure Sensor. This is useful for recording environmental conditions of a separate experiment. The Eagle Flight Computer will automatically detect and configure the additional sensor.

What’s Required

  • 45 cu. ft helium (350 g version)
  • 55 cu. ft. helium (600 g version)
  • 4 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
  • Micro SD card (8GB or smaller)
  • Any camera of your choice


    Weight (with batteries / parachute / GoPro) 600 g / 1.3 lb
    Maximum Takeoff Weight 1200 g / 2.6 lb
    Frame Diameter 75 cm / 30 inch
    Parachute Size 1.0 m / 38 inch
    350 g Balloon Burst Altitude 29 - 31 km / 95,000 to 100,000 ft
    600 g Balloon Burst Altitude 31 - 32 km / 100,000 to 105,000 ft
    Typical Ascent Time 120 minutes
    Typical Descent Time 45 minutes



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