Weather Balloon 200 g


We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our 200 g balloon is no exception. Although it is more expensive than the Chinese and Indian weather balloons, its quality is far superior. This enables you to achieve higher altitudes with a smaller weather balloon, less helium, and less overall cost. This smaller balloon will reach altitudes that are typically only seen with our competitor's larger 350 g balloons.


Neck Diameter 3 cm
Burst Altitude 21 to 26 km / 70,000 to 85,000 ft


Balloon Performance

To calculate the optimal amount of helium you need for your balloon and the maximum altitude possible for a given payload mass, see our Balloon Performance Tutorial. Note: Our balloon performance calculator has not been configured with our 200 g balloon. For now, you can still make the necessary calculations if you do the following:

  1. Select the 350 g balloon size in the  calculator.
  2. Reduce the payload weight you enter into the calculator by 150 g. This is to account for the balloon weighing 150 g less than the 350 g balloon size selected.
  3. Multiply the Estimated Burst Altitude and Ascent Time by 0.8. This is because our 200 g balloon will go approximately 80% as high as our 350 g balloon. The calculated Average Ascent Rate and Required Helium does not need to be modified.


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In the summer of 2017 we flew a 50 g payload with our 200 g balloon to an altitude of 26 km / 85,000 ft!

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