Weather Balloon 600 g


We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality products. Our 600 g balloon is no exception. This “little engine that could” will transport your payload higher than any other 600 g balloon. Although it is more expensive than Chinese and Indian weather balloons, its quality is far superior. This enables you to achieve higher altitudes with a smaller weather balloon, less helium, and less overall cost. If you are not satisfied with your 600 g balloon’s performance, we will send you another 600 g weather balloon at no additional cost!

Cheap 600 g balloons have short, fat necks that are challenging to tie off. Our 600 g weather balloon features a 12 cm long neck with a 3 cm diameter. This makes it a lot easier for your ground crew to tie off the neck after inflating the balloon.


Neck Diameter 3 cm
Burst Altitude 29 to 32 km / 95,000 to 105,000 ft


Balloon Performance

To calculate the optimal amount of helium you need for your balloon and the maximum altitude possible for a given payload mass, see our Balloon Performance Tutorial.


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In the spring of 2013 we had a customer fly our Eagle Flight Computer with a competitor’s 600 g balloon manufactured in Japan. They were so embarrassed that they didn't achieve 90,000 ft that they asked High Altitude Science to falsify the flight data recorded by our flight computer. We refused. They made a great YouTube video, but lied about their maximum altitude.

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