Weather Balloon Inflator


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Our Weather Balloon Inflator allows you to inflate your weather balloon with ease, safety, and confidence. Working with unregulated high-pressure gas is dangerous! Just cracking the valve open does not regulate pressure and can lead to serious injury. We therefore only sell weather balloon infators with a brass gas regulator which reduces the helium tank pressure from up to 3,000 psi to just 80 psi. We value you, our customer, and place a high priority on your safety.


Our Weather Balloon Inflator also comes with a launch scale so you can verify you have just the right amount of helium in your balloon to accomplish your mission before tying it off. The brass gas regulator will screw into any standard helium tank (CGA-580 fitting). The gas regulator includes a rubber O-ring seal which allows you to create a hand-tight seal without the need for any tools.


  • 2000 g Weather Balloon Lift Measurement Scale
  • Rubber gas cylinder mate seal
  • High quality gas regulator
  • All-brass gas fittings
  • Built in gas filter
  • 3 cm Inflator

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