Near Space Parachute 1.0 m


Our line of parachutes are designed specifically for near-space flights. They are simple, robust, lightweight, and they produce a lot of drag. In fact, our parachutes produce almost twice as much drag as a drogue chute of the same size.

Unlike most parachutes, our chutes feature an attachment loop in the center of the parachute canopy. This loop is used to connect the line going up to the balloon. Our parachutes are manufactured right here in the US using CNC machines so you know you're getting quality you can depend on to safely bring your payload home.

When selecting a parachute, your goal should be to keep your landing speed approximately 5 m/s ~ 11 mph. If your landing speed is less than 5 m/s your payload is going to take longer to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere and you will have to travel further downwind to recover your payload. If your landing speed is greater than 5 m/s, you increase the risk of property damage or personal injury if your payload inadvertently lands in a populated area.


 Canopy Diameter 1.0 m / 36 inch
Weight 46 g / 1.6 oz

Drag Calculations

 Payload Weight Landing Speed Descent from 100,000 ft
0.6 kg / 1.3 lb 4.8 m/s 50 minutes
0.8 kg / 1.8 lb 5.5 m/s 44 minutes
1.0 kg / 2.2 lb 6.2 m/s 39 minutes



Apollo capsules would impact the ocean travailing 8.5 m/s ~ 19 mph under all three parachutes. On Apollo 15 only two chutes successfully deployed and the astronauts hit the water at 10 m/s ~ 22.4 mph. This might make 7 m/s ~ 16 mph sound slow; but remember, your payload could potentially land in populated areas.

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