Welcome to High Altitude Science. We are passionate about space. Our goal is to make space exploration available to everyone. We accomplish our goal in three ways:

  1. We provide launch services to customers with specific needs such as scientific research and space hardware testing.
  2. We develop and sell high quality weather balloon kits and near-space hardware.
  3. We assist schools in developing their own space programs.

Whether you are a school looking for a science project to challenge and inspire your students, a research organization with specific science-gathering goals, or just someone wanting to explore your world, we are here to serve you.


Special Announcement

High Altitude Science is happy to announce that we have partnered with the Global Space Balloon Challenge! We will be helping to judge teams and will also be providing our Eagle Pro Space Kits, Near Space Balloons, and our Eagle Flight Computers as prizes to winning teams. The Global Space Balloon Challenge is an inspiring project and we are proud to be a part of the excitement.


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