Audio Beacon Kit


Using sound to locate near-space payloads was a concept first introduced by High Altitude Science. This audio beacon kit is a must-have if there's any chance your Eagle Pro Kit will land in a tree. Tree canopies are notorious for hiding near-space payloads. Not so when you attach this audio beacon to your payload. It will transmit a loud beep allowing you to easily hone in on your payload's location even in the dark! The beeper is powered by a 9v battery that straps beneath the satellite tracker plate on the Eagle Pro Kit. All Eagle Pro Kits also contain the necessary circular hole for mounting the Audio Beacon Kit.

Note: the Audio Beacon Kit does not come with the wooden mounting plate shown in the product image. This plate now comes standard with the Eagle Pro Kit.


  • Beeper - allows you to find your payload in dense treetop canopies.
  • 9V Battery Clip - Connects your beeper to a standard 9V Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery.


Beeper 90 + dB
Battery Life 12 days (Energizer Ultimate Lithium 9V)

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